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Medisol International AED Specialist: become a reseller!

Resellers of Medisol International have the opportunity to purchase our products at much lower prices.  With a reseller account, you can logon to our website and immediately see the reduced reseller prices, which enables you to directly calculate your end-user prices.  As a Training Agency or reseller, you would benefit from lower prices across our range of AEDs, accessories, resuscitation equipment and related training products.  We have cut out the middle man by pre-negotiating competitive prices directly with the manufacturers, allowing you to profit immediately from the lower prices shown when you logon to our website.  For established resellers, we can negotiate convenient payment terms and conditions to suit both parties.

If you wish to become a reseller for Medisol, submit your request via email, to Following the relevant checks, you will be notified quickly as to whether your application has been accepted.

Participation criteria
To apply to become a reseller you are required to meet certain criteria.  Your business should be established in a country we don’t already have a official webshop in. You also should have a live website for your business.

There is no fee to become a reseller and no additional, associated or hidden costs. After the first 6 months and from time to time thereafter, we will evaluate the quality of our relationship with resellers.  If we feel that the partnership is not working well, or that regular orders are not forthcoming, we may decide to dissolve our association with the resellers business.

Sign in/ login online web shop
To be able to log in to our website, you will need a login name and password, this will be provided following your successful application. Once your application has been received and approved, you will receive your login name and password for

Medisol International Reseller