AEDs for companies

Employers have to take care of the safety on the work floor. Aid workers within the organisation will lead emergency situations such as a cardiac arrest.

Direct access to a defibrillator within the company will significantly increase the chances of survival. Starting CPR and connecting the defibrillator can be done even before the ambulance arrives. Every second counts. The company defibrillator can also be used for cardiac arrests in the direct environment.

The defibrillators down below are specially selected for companies and organisations. They are easy to use by anyone. However, no company is the same and therefore you have to look out for the necessary specifications. Are you looking for a defibrillator for your industrial company or construction site? Then you are in need of a very robust defibrillator with a high IP-rate (dust and water protection). If the defibrillator will be situated in the office, a lower IP-rate suffices. Besides that, multilingual defibrillators are ideal for international organisations and public areas such as airports, train stations and hotels.

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