ESG Statement

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

M11439 / 04-2022

Purpose and Mission

Saving Lives is our mission: By 2030, every world citizen has access to an AED within 6 minutes!

Our heartbeat begins at our core values:

  • Reliability First
  • Driven By Passion
  • Think Big, Act Bold
  • There is no I in Team

We contribute to the availability of lifesaving AEDs worldwide. We are brand-independent and make the AED understandable with down-to-earth expert advice from real people, delivering with the heart for the heart. We are not limited by boundaries and are committed to spreading information, knowledge and awareness to increase the access to AEDs worldwide.

Many lives have been saved with Medisol’s AEDs since the start in 2005. In 2022 we delivered our 50,000th AED!

Business ethics and compliance framework

We are committed to the highest standard of medical device quality management, supported by our ISO 13485:2016 certification, backed by a first-class Quality Management System. Therefore the customer can rely on a high quality product and high quality service.

Medisol is a distributor in the chain of economic operators according to the EU Medical Device Regulations (MDR). The MDR provides all the frameworks and requirements that must be met before a CE Mark may be applied to medical devices. The MDR essentially outlines a framework for the quality of the medical devices produced. In essence, it is about reducing the risks to the health of users as much as possible.

In addition to the ISO 13485 standard and the MDR, Medisol also complies with other international applicable laws and regulations. These are kept and monitored separately.

People and culture

We believe that all employees are equally responsible for achieving our  goals. Sales, logistics, service center, internal processes, financial administration, quality, everyone is working together. “There’s no I in Team” at Medisol!

We want our workplace to be a true reflection of society and stimulate hiring employees from various backgrounds and/or with a distance to the labour market.

The work / life balance of our employees is important to us. Work outside the normal schedule is only required in special circumstances like trade fairs and always based on free choice. Medisol provides all conditions for a healthy and happy environment so employees can do their jobs in optimal circumstances. Employee development via education and training is stimulated. Medisol has a Working Council which oversees both company and employee interests.

As Saving Lives is our mission, we offer every employee of Medisol a regular CPR-course, so everyone at Medisol really can save lives.

Environmental friendly

We are continuously evolving into a more environmentally friendly company. We welcome initiatives from all sources. In our office, we make big steps (like installing new window frames with high insolation rates, extra insolation of the roof and installation of solar panels), but also small steps, based on the ideas of our team. In 2022, our office is rewarded with energy label A+.

We separate our waste streams in Paper, Glass, Plastic/Metal/Drink cartons and the rest is waste. Used batteries, expired electrodes and AED’s of over 10 years old, are used for training purposes.  Finally, they are being recycled in compliance with the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive (WEEE) by its Dutch representative WEEE Nederland.

Corporate Social Responsibility

In 2018, Medisol initiated the set-up of the Saving Lives Foundation. The purpose of the Saving Lives Foundation is to maximize the chance of survival from a cardiac arrest in Europe, by initiating preventive health measures, encouraging scientific research into causes of cardiac arrest, encouraging education and training in the field of resuscitation and promoting the purchase and use of AEDs. More specifically, the Foundation wants to support the purchase of AEDs for organizations and institutions that are not financially able to make this purchase themselves. For every AED sold in the web stores of Medisol, the company donates € 20 to the Saving Lives Foundation.

We encourage our people to reciprocate to their local communities, whether it is time, effort or a financial contribution. Our key focus area is health. We believe it is important that we contribute our part to build a better world for current and future generations.


Medisol is a private company and is not listed at a stock market. Since Medisol is a medium size company there is no legal audit obligation. Despite this, Medisol hires DRV Moore accountants to make up the annual accounts.

The board of directors consists of the CEO, COO and CFO of which the COO is female. All three are also the shareholders of the company. The CEO holds the majority of the shares and is registered at the Chamber of Commerce as the company director of Medisol B.V.

Currently we do not have a Supervisory Board or Advisory Board installed. Both the CEO and the COO are coached by a highly regarded growth mentor of nlgroeit, an initiative of the Dutch Chamber of Commerce and the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs. The CFO has thorough working experience in e-commerce, holds the title of Register Controller (Executive Master of Finance and Control) and is registered as such. This comes with complying to the ethical code (“VRC Gedragscode”).

All three board members receive the same fixed compensation without any bonuses.

Future Developments

We are aware of the fact that our ESG processes can always be improved. In decisions we always verify if they are in line with our ESG Statement and moral compass.