Our newest and fastest selling defibrillators. With specifications and features that far exceed other AEDs in its class. DefiSign defibrillators are manufactured by Schiller.

The DefiSign LIFE defibrillator is user-friendly and multilingual. Due to its clear instructions, it is very suitable for non-professionals. All DefiSign defibrillators that we offer are competitively priced and come with 10 years of warranty.

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DefiSign LIFE

The DefiSIgn LIFE defibrillator is user-friendly and multilingual!  Clear instructions make it very suitable for non-professionals and the competitive price and 10 year warranty makes the DefiSign LIFE a long-term investment. 

DefiSign Pocket Plus

DefiSign's Pocket Plus model is as the name suggests, a compact and lightweight defibrillator. Despite the defibrillator's small size, it has many advanced features. A big advantage of the Pocket Plus defibrillator is the large, light ambient, colour LCD display, which provides visual instructions to back-up the devices verbal instructions. The DefiSign Pocket Plus AED is available as both semi-automatic and fully automatic models, with ECG display being available as an optional extra, especially for professional rescuers. 

Who is the DefiSign Pocket Plus suitable for?

The DefiSign Pocket Plus can be used by both inexperienced and experienced users. The defibrillator is suitable in any situation where it is necessary to carry or transport a defibrillator.  A practical bag is included with the device, allowing easy and quick transportation. In addition, the Pocket Plus has a child button, allowing you to easily convert the AED's settings to child mode, removing the need to carry child electrode pads. The DefiSign Pocket Plus defibrillator is suitable for patients of all ages and users of all abilities.