About Medisolinternational.com

Independent market leader

Medisol BV, the parent company of Medisol International, is an International supplier of defibrillators and related resuscitation products, based in The Netherlands.  In recent years, Medisol has grown into a brand-independent market leader in the sale of defibrillators across the world.  Medisol has consecutively been named "FD Gazelle" by the ‘Financieele Dagblad’, making Medisol one of the fastest growing companies in the Netherlands. 

Pieter Joziasse, Medisol’s CEO and founder, has more than 15 years of experience in ambulance care.  At Medisol International not only can you buy competitively priced defibrillators, but you are also assured of excellent guidance and advice when purchasing a defibrillator! 

Why choose Medisolinternational.com?

  • Due to low overhead costs, large purchase orders and competitive negotiations with suppliers, we are one of the cheapest providers of defibrillators across the globe.
  • Fast delivery and competitively priced shipping costs!  All orders placed online are shipped as quickly as possible and with low shipping costs which have been especially negotiated for our customers. 
  • Tracking numbers are always provided in advance or your delivery, but if for any reason you are not available to receive your package, a card will be left so you can contact the shipper directly, to arrange a convenient time for delivery.  
  • Most of our defibrillators are available in many different language combinations, are always supplied with the most recent software and are 100% covered by the manufacturer's warranty schemes.  In addition to the manufacturers warranty, we offer a 10 year warranty on all defibrillators purchased from us! 
  • Because we offer many different brands, we always provide you with independent advice and tailor-made recommendations. 
  • All of this makes Medisol International one of the largest independent suppliers of Defibrillators in the world. 

Safe shopping

Medisol International, as one of the first defibrillator distributors in Europe, is fully ISO-13485 certified. This shows that Medisol takes all matters relating to quality management seriously and we offer you, as a company or individual, the quality and certainty you are looking for.  We take our customers and the products we sell seriously, you can trust us to always offer a fast solution if anything goes wrong with your order or product. 

If you want to find out more about Medisol, what we do and who we are, you can visit our corporate website at medisol.nl