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Here you can find the right batteries for your Defibtech AED. It is important to note that Defibtech Lifeline AEDs work with 2 types of batteries: the regular AED battery and the universal 9V Lithium battery which powers the battery unit. There is a Defibtech Lifeline battery with a lifetime of approximately 5 years and another one of approximately 7 years. The Defibtech Lifeline VIEW does not need a second battery. The Defibtech Lifeline VIEW battery suffices.

All Defibtech batteries are easy to replace. The electrodes must be connected to the device before (re)placing the battery. First remove the old battery and put in the new one to start the self-test. After the self-test, the AED will either have its green LED blinking to signal that it is fully operational, or you will receive verbal instructions.

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