See below for pads for your Primedic Heartsave AED, Heartsave AED-M or Heartsave PAD AED.  Both types of pad are suitable for use on adults and children and each type of pad has a different connector.

The Primedic Savepads Preconnect are suitable for PRIMEDIC AEDs manufactured from 2014 onwards.

The Primedic Heartsave Adult pads are suitable for Primedic AEDs manufactured earlier than 2014.

Full details, with images, of the AED F-code and serial number required for each type of pad can be found if you click on the Savepads Preconnect pads and scroll down.  If in doubt, check the connector plug on your current pads and match it with the images for the two types of pad.

Need help?

To be sure that you find the correct pads for your Primedic AED, please make use of the filter options in the menu on the left. If you have any questions, please contact us with the serial number, year of manufacture and F-code for your Primedic AED. We are happy to help.

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