Defibrillators for sports clubs

The risk of cardiac arrest is particularly high during sports, as physical activity can manifest heart disease. Rapid intervention and the presence of an AED are crucial in such cases. The faster the resuscitation measures are initiated and the faster a defibrillator is connected, the greater the chance of survival for the affected person.

Which defibrillator is most appropriate depends on the situation. An AED for a sports club must be user-friendly, as well as dustproof and waterproof (high IP rating). Preferably, the defibrillator fits into a suitable carrying case that you can quickly take with you. In addition a defibrillator in a sports club must be able to withstand rough handling. Since many sports clubs include children, the defibrillator should also be equipped for child resuscitation. Please note that some defibrillators require additional products, such as children electrodes, for this purpose.

Below is a selection of suitable defibrillators for sports environments. These include sports clubs, gyms, sports canteens, club buildings and other sports facilities. Quick to use, easy to operate, robust, eye-catching and great price/quality ratio.

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