Cabinets and Wall mounts

A defibrillator wall cabinet allows you to store and protect your defibrillator, whilst keeping it visible.  We have a large range of indoor and outdoor wall cabinets and brackets for every need.

Indoor cabinets

In addition to protecting your defibrillator from dust and humidity, an defibrillator stored in an indoor cabinet is more visible, saving valuable minutes during emergency situations.  There are various indoor cabinets on the market.  Most of them have an integrated anti-tamper alarm that sounds when the cabinet is opened.  Indoor cabinets do not provide the required protection for defibrillators that need to be stored outside.

Outdoor cabinets

An outdoor cabinet protects a defibrillator from both hot and cold weather situations.  They require connection to mains electricity to enable the functioning of the thermostatically controlled fan and heating element.  A well ventilated outdoor cabinet will extend the life span of the defibrillator, battery electrode pads.  Most outdoor cabinets have an alarm and LED lighting to make them visible at night.  Outdoor cabinets can come with or without a lockable door.  The additional features of an outdoor cabinet make them more expensive than indoor cabinets.  You will need to purchase an outdoor cabinet if you want to store your defibrillator outdoors.

Wall brackets

Most indoor and outdoor cabinets are universal, which means that they can be used to store almost all defibrillators.  However some defibrillators do not fit into a universal cabinet.  In this case a wall bracket is the easiest and most economically priced solution for you.

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