Learning CPR is often a case of going to a classroom, listening to an Instructor and then using a manikin with the instructor guiding the student.  The team at Innosonian asked themselves ‘can we make a manikin which can accurately guide the student to do perfect chest compressions?’

They realized that an innovative new system was required to improve the educational effectivness of CPR training and came up with a CPR training manikin which helps trainees learn CPR in a more intuitive, effective and accurate manner, enabling the trainee to remember the correct CPR skills for longer.

Believing that a learner will naturally learn the key skills for good quality CPR if able to visualise the key aspects of chest compressions on the manikin, they devised a range of manikins that show how blood is delivered from the heart to the brain and the correct chest compression technique required to achieve this.

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