DefiSign Pocket Plus Defibrillator – Semi-automatic

The semi-automatic DefiSign Pocket Plus defibrillator is a compact defibrillator with many functionalities. The small size of the defibrillator makes it easy to transport the device in the convenient carry bag included with the device. The defibrillator is suitable for both inexperienced and experienced users, as a result the defibrillator can be used in many different situations where is necessary to easily carry or transport a defibrillator, such as at Sports clubs, festivals, emergency services, offshore, or as a defibrillator in first aid equipment boxes.    The brightness of the LCD screen automatically adjusts to the ambient environment. The illuminated LCD display provides visual instructions to accompany the audio instructions that guide the user during the resuscitation process. The addition of the optional ECG display also makes the defibrillator perfect for use by professional rescuers. The ECG display provides additional insight of the heart rhythm during and after the resuscitation process.

  • Manufacturer: Schiller 
  • Semi-automatic

✔️Child-button ✔️Compact ✔️ECG display option ✔️Carry bag ✔️Large LCD display

The DefiSign Pocket Plus defibrillator is also available as a fully automatic version.

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DefiSign Pocket Plus Defibrillator – Semi-automatic

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Product Description

DefiSign Pocket Plus Defibrillator – Semi-automatic

The small size of the DefiSign Pocket Plus semi-automatic defibrillator does not detract from the functionality of the device. The defibrillator features the latest technology and can be operated by anyone. It is always ready for use because it systematically recharges the energy needed to deliver a shock, thus reduces your reaction time in critical situations. Thanks to the defibrillator's small design, it can be easily transported in the custom carry bag and stored in confined spaces.  The LCD screen displays images to assist the user in administering the correct resuscitation technique. In addition, the defibrillator initiates automatic self-tests to ensure it remains reliable and always ready to deliver the best performance.

Who is the DefiSign Pocket Plus suitable for?

Inexperienced users

The defibrillator is compact and light enough to fit easily into a handbag or backpack, allowing you to always have it with you during activities where there is no access to a defibrillator, such as hiking, travelling, or sailing. For inexperienced users, the simple control panel is very user-friendly, ensuring the user can understand how to operate the defibrillator at a glance.  In addition to pre-connected electrode pads, the defibrillator also includes a child button, by pressing this button, the defibrillator  automatically converts to child mode, meaning you do not need separate child electrode pads. This removes as many operations as possible and allows the rescuer to focus on administering the correct resuscitation technique.  During CPR, the defibrillator provides additional support in the form of:

  • Audio support (step-by-step)
  • Visual support (via the LCD-display)
  • Metronome to indicate the pace of chest compressions


The brightness of the LCD display automatically adapts to the ambient surroundings, ensuring that the visual instructions can always be seen. Images on the large colour screen correspond to the audio instructions, making the defibrillator very user-friendly for inexperienced users.


Experienced users

The defibrillator features the unique combination of a small size, a large colour LCD screen and an ECG option!  This makes this defibrillator very suitable for professional use.  The compact size of the defibrillator makes it perfect for use by emergency services. In addition, the defibrillator is also perfect for doctors and healthcare providers, where there is often a need for a professional defibrillator with more extensive functions.  The compact size means that this defibrillator can be kept with you at all times, in small spaces such as an in an ambulance, or to carry with you, so you have it immediately available if you need it. The AED charges quickly (within 16 seconds), reducing response time in urgent situations. In addition, the optional ECG display provides more insight into the heart rhythm. This can be monitored during the deployment and reviewed later via a recording. Professional rescuers can also choose to use a rechargeable battery, this ensures that you need to replace the battery less often, which is definitely worth considering if the defibrillator is used frequently.

ECG display

The optional ECG display offers the professional user more insight into the patient's heart rhythm. The display records intervention data, giving doctors and rescuers a better overview of the patient's condition. This includes data on CPR quality, ECG-curve, impedance curve and event data. USB and Bluetooth functionalities allow easy viewing of the saved files.


Child button

Suitable for patients of all ages. The defibrillator has a child button that allows you to easily convert the settings to child mode. No extra electrodes are needed for this, keeping costs at a minimum. 


2 batteries are included with the DefiSign Pocket Plus defibrillator. In addition, the device also has an internal battery that must be replaced after approximately 6 years. The shelf life of each individual external battery will depend upon the following situations:

  • In the case of weekly self-tests - 1 year and 6 months 
  • In the case of monthly self-tests - 2 years and 6 months 


  • DefiSign Pocket Plus Defibrillator - Semi-automatic
  • DefiSign Pocket Plus Carry Bag 
  • 2x Batteries   
  • Electrode pads (preconnected) 
  • User manual (available online at
  • 15 months (as a semi-professional defibrillator, this device is excluded from Medisol’s 10 year warranty)


  • IP 44 (dust and splash resistant)
  • Shock: up to 200 Joules (Multipulse Biowave Shock)
  • Data transmission: USB or Bluetooth
  • Quality label: CE
  • Automatic self-test
  • Colour LCD display (ambient light adjustment)
  • Metronome (HLW) 

Dimensions and weight 
Dimensions: 150 x 143 x 46 mm

Weight: 870 grams

Product name DefiSign Pocket Plus Defibrillator – Semi-automatic
SKU DS-70s
Semi or full automatic Semi Automatic
Product measurements 150 x 143 x 46 mm
Additional Features >200J shock power, Adapted child CPR protocol, Carrier Case, ECG Display
Display Multicolored
Quality label CE
IP rating 44
Bag included Yes
Battery lifespan ca. 2 years
Lifespan electrode pad ca. 2,5 years
CPR feedback Metronome
Weight 0.9 kgs
Maintenance plan

We offer a one-time maintenance service for your AED. Click here for more information and prices.  

User Manual

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