Claus Andersen AED outdoor cabinet

The Claus Andersen outdoor cabinet is a high quality and robust defibrillator cabinet:

• Insulated, sturdy stainless steel cabinet

• Frost resistant to -20 degrees Celsius

• Built-in ventilation

• Thermostatically controls heat/cold

• LED lighting ensures that the defibrillator is always visible

• Loud audible anti-tamper alarm

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Product Description

The Claus Andersen outdoor cabinet is a very robust defibrillator cabinet, made from high-quality materials. This stainless steel cabinet is also insulated, protecting your defibrillator against weather conditions such as rain and wind. The door is equipped with sturdy thermo glass. The case has international defibrillator logos which together with the striking ILCOR green colour, ensures it is easily recognizable to everyone.

 The Claus Andersen cabinet regulates heat and cold through a ventilation mechanism, ensuring that the defibrillator is never subjected to temperatures that are too hot or too cold. In addition, the cabinet is frost resistant to a maximum of -20 degrees Celsius. The cabinet comes equipped with LED day and night lighting, ensuring the cabinet can always be easily located.

 Finally, you know for sure that when you buy a Claus Andersen cabinet that you are guaranteed to enjoy it for years. The manufacturer ensures that software updates are made available on a regular basis - so your cabinet is always equipped with the latest technology.

 When choosing a location to mount the cabinet, make sure that this cabinet is connected to mains electricity. Our advice: always use a qualified electrical engineer.


Exterior: W x H x D = 44 x 46 x 27 cm (incl. handle)

Interior: W x H x D = 33 x 38 x 20 cm

Weight: including packaging 18.5 Kg.

Product name Claus Andersen AED outdoor cabinet
Claus Andersen
Cabinet use Outdoor
Warranty 1 year
Weight 18.5 kgs
User Manual

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