CU Medical i-PAD NF-1200 battery

Battery for the CU-Medical i-pad NF-1200 Defibrillator.

  • Non-rechargeable
  • Lithium Metal

This non-rechargeable battery for the CU Medical iPAD NF-1200 AED has a ca. 5 year lifespan.

NB. Not suitable for the CU Medical iPAD SP1 AED.

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Product Description

CU Medical i-PAD NF-1200 Battery.

The NF-1200 battery is inserted on the right side of the AED. It should be pushed through until you hear a click. Once the battery is inserted, the AED will initiate a self-test. When it passes the self-test properly, the status LED will light green. If the AED does not pass the self-test properly, or the battery capacity becomes insufficient over time, the status LED will turn to red. When you open the lid of the AED, you can listen to spoken instructions to find out what is going on. The CU Medical i-PAD NF-1200 battery is not rechargeable, which means that this battery should be discarded when it is depleted.

Capacity of the NF1200 battery:

The i-PAD NF1200 battery has a shelf life of approximately.5 years. After this, it should be replaced. The battery has a capacity of at least 200 shocks or can last up to 4 hours during a deployment.

Features of the CU-Medical i-PAD NF-1200 battery:

  • Temperature range: -20°C - 60°C
  • Type: CUA0601F
  • Date on battery: production date
  • Production date indicated: yes
  • Composition: Li/MnO2
  • V/Ah: 12V - 4.2 AH

Product name CU Medical i-PAD NF-1200 battery
CU Medical
Battery or electrode pad Battery
Suitable for model CU Medical i-PAD NF-1200
Lifespan ca. 5 years
Weight 1 kgs
User Manual

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