Ambu® Man Instrument Next Generation Manikin

  • Ambu ‘s unique, hygienic system
  • Variable chest stiffness
  • Airway opens when the head positioned correctly
  • Realistic jaw
  • Carry bag can be used as training mat

* The Ambu® Man Instrument comes without arms!
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Product Description

Ambu® Man Instrument "Next Generation" Manikin

Like all Ambu BLS manikins the Ambu Man I has the patented hygienic system that eliminates the risk of cross infections. All trainees receive their own face piece and head bag for the training. At the end of the training the face piece can be cleaned and the head back is discarded. A truly 100% hygienic way of training. To create more variance in the training, the stiffness of the chest can be changed and adjusted with just one screw. The AmbuMan I (Instrument) models are equipped only with a mechanical monitoring instrument showing effectiveness of the resuscitation, including results achieved for ventilation volume and depth of external chest compression. Moreover it indicates any stomach inflation and incorrect hand positioning. The airway of all manikins open only when head is correctly hyper extended. A carotid pulse can be activated manually by the instructor. It is also activated during chest compressions. The lifelike anatomy makes it suitable for training of correct placement of defib pads in training use of Automated External Defibrillators (AED).

Weight Torso with carrying case, Torso: 80 cm
12 kg Full body with carrying case,  Full body: 170 cm  17 kg Total length

Product name Ambu® Man Instrument Next Generation Manikin
SKU A234404000
Manikin type Adult
Connectivity None
Procedures BLS (chin lift, ventilation, compression), Wrist / carotid pulse
Weight 12 kgs
Warranty 2 years
User Manual

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