A milestone to remember

A short time ago we were able to announce that we were close to the milestone of 50,000 delivered AEDs. In an even shorter period than we had expected we succeeded! The 50,000th AED was sold in Portugal and with it, the recipient of the AED wins a relaxing weekend by the sea in Vlissingen. A beautiful, but above all important moment to remember.

Faster than expected: 50,000 AEDs delivered

The fact that we were able to deliver the 50,000th AED so early in the year exceeded our expectations. At the beginning of this year, we thought we would reach this milestone at the end of 2022, but now it's already happening in April. A great achievement and extremely important for achieving our goal.

The increasing awareness of Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) and the fact that their presence can make the difference between life and death is extremely important. A cardiac arrest can happen anywhere: at home, at work, at the sports club or on the street. The faster an AED is used, the greater the chance of survival.

We are not there yet

Although 50,000 AEDs is a great milestone, we're not stopping here. We will continue until we reach our goal: By 2030, everyone will have an AED available within 6 minutes. In the Netherlands we already reached this goal in December 2021, but in other countries there is still room for improvement. There is still a lot of work to be done, although the delivery of the 50,000th AED is a big step in the right direction.

Curious how the CEO of Medisol, Pieter Joziasse, looks at this milestone? Read his column.

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