Laerdal Baby Anne with dark skin

The Laerdal Baby Anne (dark) is designed for asphyxiation and CPR training of a baby resuscitation manikin. 

- 1-year warranty
- Full body
- Realistic CPR training

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Product Description

Laerdal Baby Anne (dark skin)

To provide a cost-effective alternative to infant CPR, the Baby Anne has been developed. As with the Little Anne alongside the Resusci Anne and the Little Junior alongside the Resusci Junior, you can use the Baby Anne alongside the Resusci Baby. This allows you to work with fewer spectators and more practising trainees. By using multiple manikins, you increase hands-on practice and active participation of trainees.

Training choking scenarios:

The Baby Anne simulates a three-month-old child. It has average physiology and anatomy and is designed for realistic training of basic life support (BLS) skills. A special feature of the Leardal Baby Anne is that it is designed to also train airway obstruction. Through included airway plugs that can be placed in the mouth, both patting on the back and chest thrusts can be taught.


  • You can open the natural airway through the Head Tilt/Chin Lift and Jaw Thrust technique
  • You can perform realistic chest compressions
  • Possesses the unique ability to simulate airway obstruction by a foreign object
  • Each trainee uses their own airway
  • Reusable face skins are easily and quickly interchangeable. This allows each trainee to use their 'own' face skin, and one disinfection session at the end of the lesson is sufficient
  • Available individually or as a set of four

What is included with your order?

  • 1 x Baby Anne
  • Soft Pack carrying case
  • 6 airways
  • 10 "airway plugs"
  • Instructions for use

Specifications of the Baby Anne:

Warranty: 1 year

Packaging details:

  • Length: 48cm
  • Width: 15,6cm
  • Height: 21.6cm
  • Weight: 2.18kg

Product name Laerdal Baby Anne with dark skin
SKU 130-03050
Manikin type Baby
Connectivity None
Weight 2.1 kgs
Warranty 1 year
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