Ambu Man W Next Generation

Ambu Man W new Generation

The Ambu Man Wireless is the new version of the AmbuMan W.  AmbuMan W is an adult sized manikin.

The AmbuMan features a robust design and provides optimal training, combined with realistic respiration during chest compressions.
In addition, this manikin has the up-to-date features that are important for training in modern resuscitation techniques.

* The Ambu Man Wireless comes without arms!

Note: The manikin is not immediately available, but you are welcome to place an advance order, to ensure your Ambu Man Wireless is dispatched as soon as they are available to us.

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Product Description

Ambu Man W new Generation

Although the Ambu Man Wireless has the same name as its predecessor, it's new innovative specifications could make you believe that you are speaking about a completely  different dol!.  The AmbuMan features a robust design and provides optimal training combined with realistic respiration during chest compressions. The manikin has additional features that are important to ensure up-to-date training in modern resuscitation techniques.

Realistic scenarios

The Ambu Man W has no wires or cables. This means that the AmbuMan can be placed in a realistic environment and does not have to be close to a computer or electrical outlet. This greatly influences the degree of freedom during  training sessions.

Low risk of cross infection

The doll includes a user-friendly and hygienic system, where all participants can use their own mask and air pouch, which minimizes the risk of cross infection between students using the same manikin. The hygienic system also features realistic expiration through the mouth and nose.

Updated technology

The renewed Ambu Mannekin Management module allows you to wirelessly connect the doll to any type of smartphone, tablet or PC. The installation of additional software or other operating systems are therefore not required. The Ambu Mannikin Management module system works independently and can therefore be used in Windows, Apple, Android, iOS, Ubuntu and Linux products.  It also works in any web browser (Chrome, IE, Safari and FireFox).
This module works wirelessly during operating, monitoring the scenario, making it possible to store and collect data and information from training sessions.  It collates data such as compression depth, hand position, ventilation volume and stomach inflation.

The new module of Ambu provides the additional possibility to play sound files, such as breathing, during training sessions.  Additionally it can be set to one of several incidents on the CPR course, ie. "Call 999" or "tilt head."


Wireless connection
Ambu Mannekin Management Module for control, monitoring and documentation
Ambu's unique hygienic system
The chest stiffness is variable
Airway open only when the head is placed in the correct position
realistic chin lift
Lifting mandible is possible (Jaw trust)
PC compatible
Carrying case and exercise mat


Base Unit: Polyethylene
Tools section: ABS Plastic
Head: PVC, hard
Chest and face PVC, soft


Weight Torso with carrying 12 kg
Full body weight with carrying 17 kg
Total length 80 cm torso
Total length 170 cm full body
What you will receive with your order:

AmbuMan Wireless Torso with integrated Wireless Technology Ambu, Ambu Manikin Management Module
5 face skins
100 air bags
Bag / training mat

Product name Ambu Man W Next Generation
SKU A234407000
Manikin type Adult
Connectivity Wireless
Procedures BLS (chin lift, ventilation, compression), Wrist / carotid pulse
Weight 16.7 kgs
Warranty 2 years
User Manual

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