AED Maintenance - Our Method

The structural maintenance of an AED is advised by both manufacturers and the healthcare authorities. The Medisol Service Centre offers customised solutions. To ensure that all AEDs are ready for deployment, we provide fast logistics and an overview within your personal portal. 

Medisol Service Centre portal

As soon as you purchase one of our maintenance plans, you will get access to the Medisol Service Centre portal.  In this portal you can see an overview of all service contracts, in which all details can be found. For example, for each AED you will see when the last maintenance was performed and whether maintenance is scheduled.

Our working method

Through the service portal we offer a full insight into planning and execution, ensuring that you are completely unburdened and thanks to the fast service, the maintenance of an AED takes very little time. Once you have chosen a maintenance plan, we will follow these steps: 

1. Access service portal

You will receive an email with the login information for your personal service portal.  Within the portal you will immediately see the products for which you have a maintenance plan.  From this moment on all actions and details known about the maintenance of the AED are stored within your portal.

2. Scheduling maintenance

Whenever it is necessary to schedule maintenance for your AED, you can select a convenient time to schedule us to pick up your AED. Before picking-up your AED, you will receive instructions on how to disconnect your AED.

3. Confirmation of maintenance schedule

After scheduling maintenance, the request is confirmed within the portal.  Within the portal, you can follow a timeline per contract, of all actions that are planned, executed and completed. 

4. AED maintenance

The transporter has picked up your AED. Your AED is prepared for maintenance in our Service Centre.

5. AED ready for use

After maintenance of your AED, the AED will be returned to you as quickly as possible.  Once you have received the AED you can reattach your AED.