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At Medisol, we are constantly looking for ways to offer our customers the best products in the field of CPR training. Therefore, we are excited to expand our product line with the Prestan range - an innovative brand within the world of first aid training.

Prestan is known for its high quality CPR manikins that are not only realistic, but also lightweight, easy to use and affordable in both purchase and maintenance. These manikins are designed to give instructors and trainees a realistic experience whilst training CPR skills, which is crucial for skill building and in emergency situations.

In addition to the realistic anatomy of the Prestan manikins, the brand is also known for the feedback mechanism that the manikins can be equipped with. This feedback system includes a light indicator, that provides feedback on the compression rate and a built-in clicker which indicates correct compression depth.

Prestan resuscitation manikins: light and user-friendly

Another advantage of Prestan CPR manikins is that they are very user-friendly. They are lightweight, allowing instructors to easily move and set them up in different training environments. When you buy a multipack, there are matching carry bags and trolleys to transport the different manikins.

Affordable CPR manikins and accessories

What really sets Prestan apart is the affordability of its products. Prestan offers very high quality CPR manikins at an affordable price, making them accessible to a wide range of institutions, organisations and individuals engaged in first aid training.

Prestan Female Accessory for resuscitation manikins

Prestan is also known for the Female Accessory, which makes it possible to give the resuscitation manikin a feminine appearance. This accessory involves a padded bra that can be attached to the manikin. Practice has shown that people are hesitant to resuscitate a woman during cardiac arrest. People often do not know where exactly to place the hands on the chest to perform CPR correctly. With the Female Accessory, Prestan aims to dispel these doubts amongst rescuers, by making it possible to practice on a CPR manikin with realistic chest anatomy.

Prestan Defibrillator trainer

It is not only the resuscitation manikins that can now be ordered from us, but also all accessories and the popular Prestan AED trainers. Within our assortment you will find the Prestan AED Trainer Plus and the Prestan Ultra Trainer.

Buy Prestan resuscitation manikins at Medisol

At Medisol we are proud to offer the Prestan CPR manikins to our customers, because we believe they are a valuable addition to our range of high quality CPR training products. Whether you are an instructor looking for realistic training aids, a medical professional looking to improve their techniques, or an organisation looking to train your staff in life-saving skills, Prestan CPR manikins offer the perfect solution.

Discover the capabilities of Prestan CPR manikins at Medisol today and take the first step toward effective and life-saving CPR training. Contact our specialists for expert advice. They are ready to answer all of your questions about Prestan (or any of our other top brands)!

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