Smarty Saver

Introducing the newest AED brand to Medisol's range - the Smarty Saver! Produced by AMI Italia, the Smarty Saver is a budget-friendly AED without compromising on quality. With an IP56 rating and a practical design, this AED stands out. Learn more about this new addition to Medisol's product lineup in this blog!

Every second counts in a cardiac arrest. An AED (Automated External Defibrillator) is crucial in such situations. At Medisol, we aim to provide the widest range of AEDs possible, ensuring there is a suitable life-saving device for everyone. That is why we have added the Smarty Saver AED to our brand-independent range.

User-friendly and Portable AED

The Smarty Saver AED is incredibly user-friendly. Its design is simple yet clear and with spoken instructions supported by visual cues on the device, even a layperson can perform high-quality CPR.

Smarty Saver features a child button for paediatric resuscitation, eliminating the need for separate child electrodes. With the child button, you can adjust the shock energy level to suit a child's smaller body. The pre-connected electrodes can be used for both adults and children.

The collapsible handle makes the AED portable, enabling it to be quickly transported to an emergency. This handle also allows you to stand the AED in a more upright position, facilitating easy operation during CPR.

Smarty Saver Fully and Semi-automatic Options

The Smarty Saver AED is available in both semi-automatic and fully automatic versions. With the semi-automatic AED, the responder needs to press the shock button themselves when a shock is advised by the AED. The fully automatic Smarty Saver will deliver the shock automatically, so you do not need to press a button. A fully automatic AED is often chosen in environments where individuals with non-medical backgrounds are present, who may be somewhat hesitant to press the shock button themselves.

Smarty Saver Accessories

Not only the Smarty Saver AED device, but also all accessories from the brand are now available at Medisol. Whether you need a replacement battery or new electrodes, Medisol has got you covered.

Saving Lives with Smarty Saver

Medisol's goal is to save as many lives as possible: "By 2030, every global citizen will have access to an AED within 6 minutes." The addition of the Smarty Saver to our range will hopefully contribute to this goal.   If you want to know more about the Smarty Saver AED or are interested in purchasing this device, or one of our other brands,  feel free to contact us for more information from our product specialists. You can find an overview of all Smarty Saver products on the category pages.