Can a defibrillator be used multiple times?

A defibrillator is a life-saving device that can be used in cases of sudden cardiac arrest. Using a defibrillator correctly can save a life! 

Firstly, we will briefly explain to you how a defibrillator works.  A defibrillator can detect cardiac arrhythmias and where necessary, deliver a shock to bring the heart back to a normal rhythm. This shock is delivered via electrode pads which you apply to the victim's chest. 

Can defibrillator electrode pads be used multiple times?

No, this is not possible. Defibrillator electrode pads have a self-adhesive gel that ensures good adhesion to the victim's skin. After use, the electrodes lose their adhesive strength. The gel dries out and dirt and bacteria accumulates. This reduces the AED's ability to perform analysis and reduces the conductivity of the current. Therefore, you should always replace the electrode pads after use and and also once the expiry date has been reached.  Follow the manufacturer's instructions for your defibrillator, regarding electrode pad maintenance and replacement, to ensure that your automated external defibrillator is always ready for use in emergencies.

Do defibrillator batteries need to be replaced after a deployment?

It may be necessary to replace a defibrillator’s battery if the device has been deployed, especially after repeated shocks, as the battery capacity may no longer be sufficient. The defibrillator will indicate during a routine self-test if the battery voltage is too low.

Can you use a defibrillator multiple times?

Yes, a defibrillator can be used multiple times, but it is very important to always replace the electrode pads and when necessary, the battery.  Replacing electrode pads and batteries on time can save lives, a well maintained defibrillator is a valuable aid in resuscitation.

Defibrillators that can only be used once

There are also a number of single use defibrillators available on the market today. These devices are compact, a lot cheaper and have no replacement parts, but do not last as long (approximately 2 years) and have to be disposed of after use. Medisol does not currently have these defibrillators in its range, due to doubts about the durability of these products, as well as the total cost of ownership of these products. Certain manufacturers of these single use defibrillators have schemes where the device can be made usable again, but there are additional costs involved. As a result, the cost of a single use AED may be higher annually than regular defibrillators.

All defibrillators in our range are suitable for multi use and will last for years!