Ambu Uniman+

• Guaranteed hygienic training
• Patented face shield and lung bags
• Realistic torso shape
• CPR training with or without an AED-trainer
• Realistic airway resistance and chest rise
• Light weight

€240.45 €290.94
Product Description

Ambu Uniman Sam 
The Ambu Uniman Sam is a well-priced manikin with all the unique Ambu features. Hygienic training is guaranteed with the patented face shield and head bags. The realistic shape of the torso enables students to learn complete CPR with or without an AED-trainer.
The airway is opened only when the head is correctly tilted - there are realistic airway resistance and chest rise.
Ambu Uniman SAM has got the same unique hygienic solution as the Ambu Man with disposable head bags and washable face pieces.
The Ambu Uniman is light weight and easy to carry.

Quick Overview
Great for use anywhere
Compact and very easy to carry
Low maintenance
Head tilt/chin lift
Audible feedback
Realistic compression resistance

 What is included with your order:
-Ambu Uniman Sam Manikin
-25 lung bags
-1 face shield
-Carrying bag

Name Ambu Uniman+
SKU A268003000
Manufacturer Ambu
Manikin type Adult
Connectivity None
Procedures BLS (chin lift, ventilation, compression)
Weight 4.000000
Warranty 2
User Manual

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